Friday, January 27, 2017

Oculus Sensors Are Technically Hackable Webcams

Well this has to be pretty embarrassing. It's actually kinda funny that no one has figured this out until now.

Oculus decided to hide the fact that the Rift ‘sensor’ is a bog-standard webcam. Normally, when you plug a webcam into a USB port, the camera announces itself as a device in the USB video class (uvc), and the host PC then loads the standard uvc camera driver, and the camera works plug&play. The Rift camera is still a uvc camera, but in the USB descriptor that’s sent to the host when it’s plugged in, the byte that should say ‘video class’ says ‘vendor-specific class.’ That’s why it doesn’t show up as a camera when you plug it into a PC without Oculus’ driver software installed.