Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Mandatory Login For GeForce Experience Is Here To Stay

NVIDIA, responding to a post in its GeForce forums, had this to say about mandatory login for the GeForce Experience:
I've explained this before in other posts, but here it is again in a nutshell: Login is what establishes the link between your system and the rest of the GeForce ecosystem. That's how we establish the connection that lets you stream from your PC to your Shield. That's how you redeem GeForce Experience rewards into your account. It's what lets you stream games from GeForce Now to your PC. And it's how we will enable many other features in the future to give you the most seamless experience across your different devices and platforms. 
To the conspiracy theorists, this has nothing to do with spying, tracking, or other nefarious activities. When we decided to reboot GeForce Experience with version 3.0 to fulfill the vision we have in mind for it we had a tough decision to make, but think about it: How much worse would it have been to release 3.0 without the login requirement, and then add it on with version 3.3, or 3.5, or 3.8? That would have been even worse.