Saturday, January 14, 2017

Tesla Outlines New Pay Structure

It looks as though Tesla's new pay structure for using its Supercharger network will be roughly half the price of what you would pay for gas. A traditional fossil fuel powered vehicle getting 25mpg would need just over 15 gallons of fuel to make the 380 mile trip. At an average price of $2.50 a gallon for gas, that would be around $38 compared to the $15 Tesla claims it would take to make the same trip in one of its vehicles.

Bear in mind, the ultra-fast Supercharger network isn't meant to be an unlimited fuel source during a regular commute. These chargers are designed to support long-distance driving. Tesla gives some cost examples on its site -- Supercharging from Los Angeles to New York will cost about $120 (roughly £100 and AU$160), while a shorter trip between LA and San Francisco will cost about $15 (roughly £10, AU$20).