Friday, January 13, 2017

Intel DC P3520 Series NVMe PCIe Enterprise SSD Review

Our friends at HotHardware have the Intel DC P3520 Series NVMe PCIe Enterprise SSD on the test bench today for a little review action. I wont ruin the ending for you but I think it is safe to say they had a lot of nice things to say about this drive.

Since some of the first consumer-class solid state drives hit the scene, Intel has been known to push the envelope in the space, and ultimately drive prices down. Intel did it somewhat recently with the SSD 750 series for desktops, which made high-speed NVMe PCIe storage much more attainable for the average enthusiast. And now with the Intel SSD DC P3520, the company is doing something similar in the enterprise storage space. To date, many top-flight enterprise solid state drives have commanded prices many time those of slower SATA-based offerings. But drives in the Intel SSD DC P3520 series can be had for right around $.50 per gigabyte. Take a look at the specs and then we’ll dig in a bit deeper on the pages ahead...