Friday, January 27, 2017

Guy Spends 2 Hours Trolling A Windows Support Scammer

If you have ever gotten one of these annoying scam calls, this will definitely bring a smile to your face. You gotta give the author of this article props though, I'm not sure I could have kept this up for two hours.

On Monday afternoon, I got a phone call that someone now probably wishes they never made. Caller ID said the call was coming from "MDU Resources," but the caller said he was calling from "the technical support center." He informed me there were "junk files" on my computer slowing it down and that he was going to connect me with a technician to help fix the problem. I was thrilled, displaying what my wife Paula felt was an inordinate amount of glee about getting the call. Over the next two hours, I subjected the scammers to such misery that Paula later told me she felt bad for them. "They probably had a quota to meet," she said sarcastically. "You probably kept them from getting four or five other people."