Thursday, January 26, 2017

After Being Scammed, Police Offer Tips to Avoid Falling Victim to a Credit Card Skimmer

It seems as though the Indiana State Police are using this embarrassing incident as a teachable moment so that others do not fall victim to the same scam.

The Indiana State Police has fallen victim to the recent criminal trend of credit card skimming. It was recently discovered some Indiana State Police fuel cards were compromised and one particular card was used for over $1,000 in fraudulent charges. All the affected cards were used at one particular Central Indiana gas station. Investigators are now working to determine how the credit card information was obtained, but they believe it was likely through a skimming device installed on a gas pump. This is an ongoing investigation and few details are available at this time. We are asking area gas stations to regularly check their gas pumps and report any suspicious activity to police.