Saturday, January 21, 2017

3D And Curved Screen TVs Fade Away

To be honest, most people realized these TVs were just a passing fad to begin with. I feel bad for people that actually plopped down a ton of cash on those TVs.

Cinephiles who crave nothing more than a large, flat, gimmick-free screen on which to watch sports, TV shows, and movies can rejoice in the end of the curved screen era. One of the more notable things about CES 2017 was that every flagship TV from a major manufacturer was flat. It doesn’t mean that curved screens pulled the complete disappearing act that 3D did, but they were far fewer and nobody was talking about them. Notably, LG eliminated curved screens from its TV lineup altogether. This is interesting because it was the advent of consumer OLED that brought the curved form factor to the marketplace.