Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cool Video of the Day

Please don't be fake. Please don't be fake. #pleasedontbefake.

Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass Arrives June 1

I am really looking forward to this. I'm going to start my two week trial this weekend, I'll let you guys know what I think.

The so-called “Netflix for games” service is different than other similar products in that it will allow you to download a game from the service instead of the required constant connection to a Microsoft server. If you decide to buy a game that’s part of the Xbox Game Pass catalog, you’ll get a discount.

How Virtual Reality Will Create A Better Humankind

Okay, you guys tell me, is this guy onto something or just on something?

Cooler Master Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition Review

If you are a fin of cases with doors that open backwards (a PITA to access your hardware), the Cooler Master Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition should be right up your alley.

The original Cooler Master Cosmos II was and still is a product of excellence. It still manages to impress, by the kilogram even as man this thing is heavvveeeh! The revamped Cosmos II 25th Anniversary Edition however adds some extra flair. Sure 98% of the DNA retains and remains the same, however there are subtle enhancements bringing the product towards the year 2017. Its biggest and most primary feature of course is that sweet looking curved tempered glass side panel, the new blue LED bar and a few smaller intricate upgrades.

Appeals Court: Wikimedia Has Standing To Sue Government

I guess the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals feels there might actually be something to Wikimedia's case against the NSA.

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals revived a lawsuit that Wikimedia (Wikipedia’s parent company) started against the NSA. The previous court said that Wikimedia had no legal standing to sue the NSA because Wikimedia’s “99.9999999999% certainty” that the NSA had intercepted at least one of its trillions of internet transactions was mere “speculation.”

DiRT 4 World Rallycross Gameplay Trailer

For those of you interested, there is a brand new DiRT 4 World Rallycross trailer out today. I have embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.

Phanteks Announces The Glacier C350a AMD CPU Waterblock

Phanteks, the award-winning thermal cooling and chassis manfacturer, is excited to introduce the Glacier Series C350a, a compact CPU water block for the AMD platforms that delivers the highest possible rate of cooling performance to the processor efficiently and improves stability when overclocked.  

The Glacier C350a features a large copper base in high quality nickel finish, polished acrylic surface, and integrated high density cooling fins. The fins are fine-tuned to 0.4mm wide and designed with extra high fins (5mm) for improved conductivity. The C350a is integrated with RGB Lighting that can be synchronised with all Phanteks RGB products and RGB motherboards. Tailored with Viton O-Ring, the C350a is durable, resistant to extreme temperatures and retains sealing performance for long periods of time. The Glacier C350a can be intergrated into any enthusiast system without compromise. The C350a CPU Water Block is available in two colors, Satin Black and Mirror Chrome.

The 15 Biggest Kickstarter Fails

 The Gamer has posted a list of the 15 Biggest Kickstarter Fails today. Wow, I totally forgot about some of these.

When you fund a game on Kickstarter, you’re taking a chance that the developer you just entrusted your money to – whether is five dollars, $100, or $1K – isn’t capable of developing his game. Kickstarter is not a store. If it fails, it fails. Unfortunately, the early days of Kickstarter saw developers and backers blindsided by the hype and falling prey to pitfalls too big to endure. Here are the 15 Biggest Kickstarter Fails in video games. 


The XFX RX 570 4GB RS video card is on the test bench at LanOC today. Those of you in the market for a new graphics card should definitely read this review.

I’m going to check out the RX 570, specifically the XFX RX 570 4GB RS to see how it compares to the RX 580, RX 480, and the RX 470 along with Nvidia’s offerings in that same price range. Not everyone needs the world's fastest video card, in fact, most people are picking up mid range cards so I’m curious to see if the new RX 570 has the performance to be a good buy for those not looking to spend the extra money on an RX 580.

PlayStation Plus Subscribers Up 27% YOY

Good news for Sony. PlayStation Plus is up over 27% year over year with 26.4 million subscribers.

The number of paid PlayStation Plus subscriptions rose to 26.4m in 2016, Sony has confirmed, showing a growth of 27 per cent since 2015. The news comes from Sony's investor relations day 2017 presentation, where the company talked about its plans to further grow the PlayStation 4 ecosystem. 

How An AI App Translates A Photo Into A Skin Cancer Diagnosis

Getting to a doctor is rarely easy. Those in remote locations can travel hundreds of miles, incurring lodging and transit costs along the way. For patients with skin cancer — or with a suspicious skin lesion — GPU deep learning may be the key to replacing that time, effort and expense with something as simple as a picture taken with a smartphone. That’s the scenario painted by a Stanford University collaboration between AI researchers and the school’s dermatology department. They created a deep learning algorithm that enables photos of skin lesions to be classified as benign or malignant with as much accuracy as can be achieved by a dermatologist.

Microsoft Launches New Homework Network

The Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corp. and Microsoft Corp. on Tuesday announced the launch of an innovative Homework Network to deliver broadband internet access at home to thousands of students in Southern Virginia, at no cost to their families. In Charlotte and Halifax counties, about 50 percent of students currently lack broadband access at home. Yet today, nearly seven in 10 teachers across the United States assign homework and research requiring broadband access. 

The “homework gap” is an urgent local and national problem. An estimated 5 million households with school-age children in the U.S. are at a significant disadvantage due to limited or nonexistent broadband connectivity. These students are often unable to access the tools they need to succeed in school and to develop the skills they need to enter today’s workforce. This creates an uneven playing field for future educational and economic prospects.

Microsoft Unveils Surface Pro Powered by 7th Gen Intel Core

Today in China, Microsoft revealed the next generation of Surface Pro. Now powered by 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors, the ultra-thin Surface Pro will deliver increased power, super-fast boot times and peak performance: a 20 percent increase in performance and 50 percent more battery life (up to 13.5 hours). 

The Surface Pro also includes changes to the physical design, with sleek edges and invisible vents. The hinge on the Surface Pro is deeper and moves another 15 degrees lower than the previous version. The Surface Dial is compatible with the device on and off the screen. The new Surface Pen has also been upgraded to further extend the experience with the Surface Pro and is now twice as fast as the previous version with added support for tilt. Type covers will be available in colors burgundy, cobalt blue and platinum.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8 Iris Recognition System Easily Fooled

I'm not going to jump all over Samsung for this one because the truth of the matter is that every single biometric lock (fingerprint, facial recognition, iris scanning, etc.) has been beat by the same sort of tricks. Remember when you could use a printed picture to fool facial recognition?

A new test conducted by CCC hackers shows that this promise cannot be kept: With a simple to make dummy-eye the phone can be fooled into believing that it sees the eye of the legitimate owner. A video shows the simplicity of the method. 

Uber Owes Some NYC Drivers Up To $45M After Miscalculating Commissions

Leave it to Uber to "miscalculate" commissions and then send out a spammy e-mail asking for driver's bank account information. Jeez.  

Since Nov. 2014, Uber has been deducting its commission (reportedly around 25%) on each ride before applying sales tax. So if the total value of a fare was $20, Uber would help itself to $5. Assuming $1.60 in tax, that left the driver with $13.40. Problem is, the 2014 agreement with drivers said that Uber was supposed to be taking this cut after taxes. That means, using the above example, Uber should have only collected $4.60 for itself, leaving $13.80 for the driver.

Bitfenix Shogun Case Review

The TPU crew say that, if you can ignore the weird design of this chassis and other minor shortcomings, the Bitfenix Shogun might just be the case for you.

The Ultimate X370 Showdown

This isn't just any ol'  X370 showdown, this is the ULTIMATE X370 showdown. 😉

Our selection of motherboards were all available on release, however, we have now updated each to the latest available BIOS so we can objectively look at their performance and features to see which would be best for you and your requirements. The motherboards we'll be looking at are: ASRock X370 Taichi, ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Hero, GIGABYTE AX370-Gaming K7, and the MSI X370 XPOWER GAMING TITANIUM. 

2K Financial Results - GTA5 Passes 80M Sales

Apparently Grand Theft Auto V is still a money making machine for 2K and Rockstar Games.

Net revenue grew 52% to $571.6 million, as compared to $377.2 million in last year’s fiscal fourth quarter. The largest contributors to net revenue in fiscal fourth quarter 2017 were Mafia III, Grand Theft Auto V® and Grand Theft Auto Online, NBA® 2K17, WWE® 2K17, and Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI. 

Biostar Racing Z270GT9 Motherboard Review

The Biostar Racing Z270GT9 motherboard is the subject of this review at Tom's Hardware today. Don't be fooled by all those PCI-E slots, the board is not SLI / Crossfire capable. 😞

With a specifications sheet that reads like a geek’s wish list, Biostar’s Z270GT9 should be selling like hotcakes by now. Perhaps the reason we’re not hearing more from readers about this board is that many haven’t realized yet that the $330 version has a factory-installed 256GB Intel 600p M.2 SSD? Perhaps it’s because the $240 version (without SSD) never came to market? And if we simply subtract the price of the SSD from the price of the board, we’re left with a motherboard that costs less than its onboard 10Gb/s Ethernet solution. What a deal, right?

Corsair Carbide Air 240 Arctic White Review

FunkyKit has taken the arctic white version of the Corsair Carbide Air 240 around the block a few times to see what it is made of.

Full size ATX chassis or midi towers are great for most PC builds. However, we wanted to build a PC with a smaller footprint, that can offer enough power just like any high-end system. A powerful PC in such a small size means excess heat could be an issue. So we needed to look for a micro-ATX chassis that offered enough space and air-flow. There was only one real choice that came into mind… the Corsair Carbide Air 240.

BitFenix Portal Window Case Review

The BitFenix Portal window case is on the test bench at Play3r today. If you want a case that looks just like a turret from Portal, you'll definitely want to read this review.

Wrong! BitFenix have decided to tear up the mini-ITX case design manual, and have instead provided us with something that looks truly unique… the Portal. At first glance, it looks great… but have BitFenix sacrificed usability in favour of an interesting design? Let’s find out.

Corsair Announces New Range of CORSAIR LINK Fan and Lighting Controllers.

CORSAIR®, a world leader in enthusiast memory, high-performance gaming hardware and PC components today announced the launch of the Commander PRO and Lighting Node PRO fan and lighting controllers, alongside the new HD140 RGB series of RGB cooling fans. Controlled by CORSAIR LINK software, Commander PRO is the ultimate in system control, providing complete command of up to six 4-pin PWM fans, two RGB lighting channels, four temperature sensors and two USB 2.0 headers. Lighting Node PRO lights up your PC like never before, with two CORSAIR LINK controlled RGB lighting channels and four included individually addressable RGB LED light strips, each equipped with ten RGB LEDs for brilliant, customizable, system illumination.

MSI Wins COMPUTEX Best Choice Award 2017 for a Record-Breaking 5 Products

COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2017, the world's 2nd largest B2B PC exhibition, will start from May 30th to June 3rd. Today, the COMPUTEX Best Choice Awards winner announcement was made. The MSI GT83VR TITAN SLI gaming laptop proudly shines out from over 300 competitions and wins the Golden Award in the Gaming Entertainment Category, as well as the MSI VR ONE gaming backpack receives the Best Design Award, the MSI Vortex G25VR gaming desktop receives the Category Award, the MSI X1000 Network Security Gateway receives the Category Award, and the MSI Telematics Solution for Commercial Vehicles receives the Jury's Special Award. A total of 5 pieces of winning product, again proving MSI’s world leading position in the field of Gaming and eSports. “This year MSI breaks the historical record to wins 5 Best Choice Awards at COMPUTEX! This is truly a great honor and encouragement for MSI. MSI sincerely thanks to the recognitions from the juries. MSI will remain stand on the same principle of breakthrough in design as we always do, to bring the best gaming products to all global gamers, leading them to the next gaming dimension.” says Eric Kuo, MSI Vice President of Global Sales Marketing.

Do More, Create More, Connect More from Anywhere You Choose

Recently, Samsung’s Galaxy Book 12 became available for purchase through Verizon in the U.S. This thin and light 2 in 1 PC is built with powerful 7th Generation Intel® Core™ processors and always-on Intel 4G LTE connectivity, and it comes with full Windows 10 inside. Samsung added its multifunctional S Pen and a backlit keyboard. It also integrated its Samsung Flow technology, which lets Galaxy Book connect to your Samsung smartphone seamlessly to transfer and sync files, and read and respond to messages and notifications. This innovative premium device delivers power and performance from any location.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Bacteria Engineered To Produce Living, Full-Color Images

At first I thought "what's the big deal?" Then I saw Super Mario and immediately understood what makes this so awesome!

Prey Review

If you are still on the fence about picking up Prey (what are you waiting for?), you should read TweakTown's review.

I took my time playing Prey. If you don't know, Prey's publisher, Bethesda Softworks, doesn't give out early review copies any more. So reviews of its products tend to be later than they should be, and in Prey's case, weeks after release. But I wouldn't have played this game any other way. Prey is legitimately one of the best games I've played in years. The story is so mind-bending, so unique, so...out of the ordinary from the pre-packaged shooter flak we get these days.

COUGAR MINOS X3 Gaming Mouse Review

If you want a decent gaming mouse without spending a lot of money, you should probably give this review of the COUGAR MINOS X3 at NikKtech the once over.

The COUGAR MINOS X3 is also based around the Pixart PMW3310DH-AWQT IR-LED sensor which delivers a resolution of up to 3200DPI (dots per inch) via four preset settings (400/800/1600/3200DPI) with a frame rate of up to 6500fps, speed of up to 130IPS (inches per second) and up to 30g acceleration. The MINOS X3 also features a total of 6 buttons, OMRON switches for the primary buttons (10 million clicks), 3-zone (not individually adjusted) LED backlight with a total of 8 colors (static, breathing and rainbow effects) and dual switches on its base for DPI and Polling rate on-the-fly adjustment (driverless). Sounds interesting right?

PayPal Sues Pandora Over P

Take a look at the logos side by side below. Does that "confuse" you? Would you accidentally open PayPal instead of Pandora (or vice versa)?

Pandora’s logo change isn’t music to PayPal’s ears. The digital-payment company says Pandora’s big blue “P,” unveiled in October, damages its business because customers are mistakenly opening the wrong app on their phones.

Red Dead Redemption 2 Delayed To 2018

Well, this sucks. Rockstar was kind enough to offer up a couple screenshots to hold you over in the mean time. 😒

Red Dead Redemption 2 is now set to launch Spring 2018 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This outlaw epic set across the vast and unforgiving American heartland will be the first Rockstar game created from the ground up for the latest generation of console hardware, and some extra time is necessary to ensure that we can deliver the best experience possible for our fans.

Tom Holland To Play Young Nathan Drake

I don't know how I feel about this announcement. I loved his performance as Spider-Man, but I just can't see him playing a young Nathan Drake.

Sony Pictures is bullish enough on its upcoming Spider-Man Homecoming star Tom Holland that the studio is doubling down on the young actor by building a second major franchise around him. Holland is attaching to star in Uncharted, in what will be redrafted as a prequel to the treasure-hunting action storyline in the Naughty Dog video game for PlayStation.

NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 382.33 WHQL Drivers

NVIDIA released the new NVIDIA Game Ready driver for Tekken 7 and Star Trek: Bridge Crew. If you own an NVIDIA GPU and plan on playing either of these two games, you might want to update to the GeForce Game Ready 382.33 WHQL driver. The following sections list the important changes and the most common issues resolved in this version.

  • [TITAN X][3D Vision][Windows 10 Creator’s Update]: The Windows Store does not
  • open when 3D Vision is enabled. [1906805]
  • [GeForce GTX 1080Ti][Prey 2]: Stuttering occurs during gameplay. [1902201]
  • [GeForce GTX 1070][Windows 10 Creator’s Update]: In multi-display mode, extended
  • monitors cannot be be put into sleep mode. [1916554]
  • [GeForce GTX 1060]: Blue-screen crash occurs pointing to driver (Nvlddmkm.sys)
  • after the system reboots from sleep mode. [1814559]
  • [GeForce GTX 970][SLI]: SLI cannot be enable unless Norton 360 is disabled or
  • Windows is booted in Safe Mode. [1919094]

Xbox Boss: Scorpio Games Won't Be Held Back By Xbox One

I don't know why people are so confused by this.

Xbox vice pres Mike Ybarra has reiterated that developers don't need to worry about parity between Xbox One and Scorpio. In less technical talk that means you don't have to worry about super-future Scorpio games being held back by Xbox One development. The confirmation came after this tweet from Ybarra was contested.

Intel Revs Up 5G Engine with Verizon and Ericsson Residential Trial in Indianapolis

Intel has collaborated with Verizon and Ericsson on a 5G residential trial in Speedway, Indiana, located near the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The trial announced today by Verizon takes place before the start of the 2017 Indianapolis 500 on May 28 and features a 5G-connected home that shows trial attendees how consumers will be able to make the most of future multi-gigabit 5G speeds with low latency and high capacity.

Biostar RACING X370GT5 Motherboard Review

Is the Biostar RACING X370GT5 a motherboard worthy of you attention or should you pass? Well, if the crew at Play3r is to be believed, you should definitely give this motherboard a once over if you are shopping for a new motherboard.

The latest motherboard to pass through Play3r’s hands is the Biostar RACING X370GT5, a motherboard priced somewhere in the middle of the bunch and offers several features that may make it an ideal motherboard for your upcoming Ryzen based system. Let’s go over the key elements of the motherboard, and let Gavin do the rest of the talking in the video… shall we?

‘Resident Evil’ Franchise Set For A Reboot

While most people are like "what the fu..." the truth of the matter is that the last installment in this franchise made almost $315 million dollars on a $40 million budget. So yeah, another six movies sounds like a terrible yet profitable idea.

Details such as the reboot director, stars, and how the reboot would fit into the franchise narrative are being kept under wraps. But Martin Moszkowicz, chairman of the board at Constantin Film, did confirm to Variety at the Cannes Film Festival that a reboot is in development at the giant German production company, which owns rights to the franchise and has produced all of its installments.

Western Digital to Participate at Investor Conference

Western Digital Corp. today announced that it will participate in the following investor conference:

  •      Event:   45th Annual J.P. Morgan Global Technology, Media and Telecom Conference
  •      When:   Tuesday, May 23, 2017 at 7:40AM Pacific / 10:40AM Eastern

The live presentation will be available via webcast on the company's Investor Relations home page at The webcast archive will be available shortly after the live event.

18-Year-Old Engineer Constructs Fuel-Efficient, Stable ‘Flying Wing’ Aircraft Prototype

Ivo Zell, 18, of Lorch, Germany was awarded first place for designing and constructing a remote control prototype of a new “flying wing” aircraft at this year’s Intel International Science and Engineering Fair, a program of Society for Science & the Public and the world’s largest international pre-college science competition. The competition featured nearly 1,800 young scientists selected from 425 affiliate fairs in 78 countries, regions and territories.

Flying wings are inherently more efficient than traditional aircraft designs, but also less stable in flight because they have little or no fuselage or tail. Zell’s working prototype aircraft addresses this issue, using an unusual bell-shaped lift profile for improved stability and using telemetry to demonstrate its stability. The modified shape of Zell’s aircraft allows it to operate smoothly and safely in challenging flight situations without the need for a complex electronic stabilization system and without significantly sacrificing fuel efficiency. Potential applications range from drone delivery systems to larger aircraft design. Zell received the Gordon E. Moore Award of US$75,000, named in honor of the Intel co-founder and fellow scientist.