Sunday, February 19, 2017

Thank You For Your Support!

I can't thank everyone enough for the thoughts, prayers and words of support this past week. Your support has been truly overwhelming. It is going to take me a few days to get on top of all the e-mail, messages, text messages and calls before I can get back to everyone personally. But I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you again for the love and support. My GoFundMe campaign is still active as we work towards our goal as is our Patreon page.

Sunday, February 12, 2017


When I reopened Hypothermia earlier this month, I told you we would have frequent giveaways as a way of giving back to our readers while promoting the site at the same time. Our current Hypothermia giveaway is for an Xbox One S console and our current Patreon Only giveaway is for a Corsair H80i v2 all in one water cooler. I also wanted to give you guys a peek at some really cool prize packages that I have put together that think you will really like.

I am also working on a Killer Gaming Rig giveaway that I plan to run during the month of February. I have the system up and running rock solid at 4GHz, but I am still trying to secure a video card sponsor for the system, so stay tuned for that! Here's a peek at the system running cool as a cucumber under full load.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Ashley Judd: Profiteering Off Misogyny In Video Games Must End

Ashley Judd is mad at the internet. Why? Because the internet is being the internet again.  

Ultrafast Camera Captures 'Sonic Booms' of Light for First Time

Wait, ho do you catch a "sonic boom of light?" While we are asking questions, what is the difference between a mach cone and a photonic mach cone?
Just as aircraft flying at supersonic speeds create cone-shaped sonic booms, pulses of light can leave behind cone-shaped wakes of light. Now, a superfast camera has captured the first-ever video of these events. The new technology used to make this discovery could one day allow scientists to help watch neurons fire and image live activity in the brain, researchers say. 

Samsung Electronics Announces Cause of Galaxy Note7 Incidents in Press Conference

Following several months of in-depth investigations, Samsung Electronics today announced the cause of the Note7 incidents and measures to prevent a recurrence during a press conference held in Seoul, Korea. DJ Koh, President of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics, shared detailed results of the investigation and expressed his sincere apology and gratitude to Galaxy Note7 customers, mobile operators, retail and distribution partners and business partners for their patience and continued support.

Koh was joined by executives from UL, Exponent and TUV Rheinland, leading independent industry groups that conducted their own investigation into various aspects of the Galaxy Note7 incidents. Based on what the company learned from the investigation, Samsung implemented a broad range of internal quality and safety processes to further enhance product safety including additional protocols such as the multi-layer safety measures and 8-Point Battery Safety Check. Samsung also formed a Battery Advisory Group of external advisers, academic and research experts to ensure it maintains a clear and objective perspective on battery safety and innovation.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Kids + Consoles = Disaster

If you are a parent, you are going to be able to immediately identify with this guy. Well, except maybe the "don't have kids" thing.

Foxconn: Investment For New U.S. Plant To Exceed $7B

I don't know about you but I sure think this is a move in the right direction. With any luck, this will lead to more foreign companies manufacturing at least some of their products in the United States.
Foxconn, the world's largest contract electronics maker, is considering setting up a display-making plant in the United States in an investment that would exceed $7 billion, company chairman and chief executive Terry Gou said on Sunday. The plans come after U.S. President Donald Trump pledged to put "America First" in his inauguration speech on Friday, prompting Gou to warn about the rise of protectionism and a trend for politics to underpin economic development. 

Ben Heck's Smart Retro Boombox with Intel Edison

For those of you that aren't familiar with Ben Heck, he's the guy behind some of the coolest mods you will ever see...and that includes his latest Retro Boombox mod.

Kristen Stewart Co-Authored a Scientific Paper About AI

Kristen Stewart co-authored a research paper about artificial intelligence? What?!?
The paper, which you can read here (it’s short!), describes the process of “Neural Style Transfer,” which means using a machine’s learning capabilities to translate one image into a different artistic or visual style. Stewart based her movie on a painting that she also painted, and she and Adobe engineer Bhautik J. Joshi and Starlight Studios producer David Shapiro entered scenes from Come Swim into the program and told it to re-render the scenes in the impressionistic style of the original painting.

Roccat Kone EMP Gaming Mouse

Looking for a new gaming mouse? The gang at techPowerUP have posted a review of the Roccat Kone EMP today that should be of interest to you.

The Roccat Kone EMP is probably one of the best palm grip mice I've laid my hands on so far when judging by shape alone, and I've tried quite a few. For my hand size its contours fit perfectly for a relaxed yet steady grip. That coupled with its great build quality and excellent performance makes it an easy recommendation.

Assassin's Creed Movie Review

One of the best things about the original Assassin's Creed game was the story. How can you screw that up? TeakTown has the complete breakdown of the movie.

Coming from a story and setting that's always been very theatrical in nature, on a very basic level game fans will probably find a reasonable amount to like in Assassin's Creed. It's littered with visual references and callbacks to the source material throughout, with some gorgeous cinematography that frequently and deliberately resembles the game environment - even down to the smoky HDR bloom. But as enthralling as the atmospherics and some of the action set pieces are, they're all in service of a film that rarely makes any sense to the casual viewer.

Apple Exploring Facial Recognition System for iPhone 8

Apple is going to have to come up with something pretty impressive if they want to implement facial recognition in the iPhone 8. We've already seem facial recognition beat by photographs, animated GIFs and video, so it will be interesting to see what the crew from Cupertino comes up with.

Apple may switch to a film sensor from the current FPCB sensor in order to provide better 3D Touch user experience, as a film sensor offers higher sensitivity. Also, we expect the new OLED iPhone will come with a flexible OLED panel. To avoid deforming the form factor of the flexible OLED panel from touch operation pressure, a metal structural part will be placed under the film sensor to provide more robust structural support.

Tidal May Have Been Wildly Inflating Subscriber Numbers

This is my shocked face.

A new investigation published by Norwegian business daily Dagens Næringsliv alleges that Tidal, the music streaming service co-owned by Jay-Z and more than a dozen other music stars, has persistently inflated its subscriber numbers in statements to the media, the public, and investors.

Study Claiming Video Games Make Players Better Real-Life Shooters Gets Shot Down

You mean a mouse and keyboard doesn't make you a better shooter in real life? Say it isn't so! Duh.

Titled "'Boom, Headshot!': Effect of Video Game Play and Controller Type on Firing Aim and Accuracy," the study was chiefly the work of Ohio State University's Brad Bushman and Jodi Whitaker, his Ph.D. student at the time. (You can read an archived version here.) Bushman has produced several other studies on violence in media and served as a member of former President Obama's committee on gun violence, and his faculty page proudly reports that a colleague calls him a "myth buster," with the "myths" in question including the idea that "violent media has a trivial effect on aggression."

Tim Sweeney Getting Lifetime Achievement Award

To be totally honest, I can't believe this hasn't happened already.

An industry veteran, Sweeney is perhaps best known for his work on the Unreal Engine and the creation of the game ZZT. As CEO of Epic Games, he oversaw Gears of War before the studio sold it to Microsoft. The Unreal game series was one of Epic's early hits. Sweeney is also a philanthropist, recently donating $15 million for wildlife conversation efforts in his home state of North Carolina, which is where Epic Games is based.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

15% of U.S. Broadband Households Have Antenna-Only TV Service

It's not so hard to believe that fifteen percent of U.S. broadband households have antenna-only TV service. It is getting easier to go without cable thanks to all the streaming services out there and access to news and other content via the internet.
“Pay-TV providers are adapting to address a fundamentally different video services market than existed three years ago. Challenges still remain for consumers in aggregating and discovering their favorite content and being able to watch on their preferred screen. Live broadcasts of high-profile events remain a challenge for online delivery, though pay TV and broadcast TV conquered live distribution long ago,” Sappington said. “These challenges represent areas in which pay-TV providers, or new entrants, can still win consumer attention, viewership, and revenue.”

ASRock X99 Taichi Motherboard

There is a review of the ASRock X99 Taichi motherboard posted today at FunkyKit. If you are in the market for a new X99 motherboard, you'll defintely want to give this review the once over.

Couple of weeks ago we saw the launch of Intel 7th generation processors and 200 series chipsets. However many users who wish to have more than four processor cores… and for them the best option is still Intel X99 chipset. One of the latest motherboards based on the X99 chipset is ASRock X99 Taichi. In this review we will show why ASRock X99 Taichi isn’t yet another X99 motherboard. Couple of features make this product special which some of the users will find interesting for sure. 

3D And Curved Screen TVs Fade Away

To be honest, most people realized these TVs were just a passing fad to begin with. I feel bad for people that actually plopped down a ton of cash on those TVs.

Cinephiles who crave nothing more than a large, flat, gimmick-free screen on which to watch sports, TV shows, and movies can rejoice in the end of the curved screen era. One of the more notable things about CES 2017 was that every flagship TV from a major manufacturer was flat. It doesn’t mean that curved screens pulled the complete disappearing act that 3D did, but they were far fewer and nobody was talking about them. Notably, LG eliminated curved screens from its TV lineup altogether. This is interesting because it was the advent of consumer OLED that brought the curved form factor to the marketplace.

AT&T Raises Activation Fee Another $5

AT&T apparently needs more money.

As the mobile carrier switched from contracts to device payment plans, AT&T initially did not charge an activation and upgrade fee for customers who brought their own phone or bought one from AT&T on an installment plan. But in July 2015, AT&T started charging a $15 activation fee to customers who don't sign two-year contracts. (AT&T also raised the activation/upgrade fee for contract customers from $40 to $45 in July 2015.)

Friday, January 20, 2017

Counter-Strike Turned A Teenager Into A Compulsive Gambler

ESPN has posted a rather lengthy article on the whole class action lawsuit against Valve over skin-gambling. If you aren't up to speed on the whole thing this article will PYAITK.

A new world opened up to Elijah, and with it a greater desire for skins. In early 2015, after he turned 14, he set his sights on two knife skins that he saw a professional player use on Twitch -- a Karambit Doppler and an M9 Bayonet Doppler. They cost a combined $900, but he didn't have enough money in his Steam account. So he sold his iPad on eBay for $200 and added some money he made working at his grandmother's Hebrew school. He billed the remaining cost of the skins to his father's credit card.

Paramount Settles Lawsuit Over Star Trek Fan Film

This is sad. But, the good news is that at least Axanar will come out, even if it does have "substantial changes."
In the settlement, Axanar Productions and its owner, Alec Peters, acknowledged that the film and its prequel, Prelude to Axanar, were “were not approved by Paramount or CBS, and that both works crossed boundaries acceptable to CBS and Paramount relating to copyright law.” Furthermore, the settlement will require the the producers to make “substantial changes to Axanar to resolve this litigation,” and future productions from the company will adhere to the new fan-film guidelines put forth by Paramount as a result of this case.

The Empire Scratches Back

I don't know why but this cracked me up!

Apple Sues Qualcomm For $1 Billion In Royalty Dispute

Every time I read a headline like this, I always picture Dr. Evil in my head. I bet that's how they come up with these amounts too. ;)

According to CNBC, Apple claims Qualcomm charges five times more for its patents than all of the other licensors it does business with combined. The company also argues that Qualcomm withheld nearly $1 billion in payments when Apple cooperated with South Korean authorities as it investigated the company's unfair trade practices -- precisely what the US and Apple are going to court over now. In December, South Korean regulators fined Qualcomm a record $854 million for abusing its power in the smartphone chip market and overcharging device makers. 

SteelSeries Apex M500 Keyboard Review

The Tech Report has a quick and dirty review of the SteelSeries Apex M500 keyboard posted today that is worth the click to go check out.

IN RECENT YEARS, the mechanical keyboard market has been plagued by the principle of form over function. Quality, usability, and durability have been replaced by flashy RGB LEDs and stealth-fighter angles. Many recent mechanical keyboards have made this unfortunate comprise. Others strike a balance and feature the best of both worlds, but having it all can come with a hefty price tag. SteelSeries' response is the Apex M500: an affordable keyboard that goes for understated quality while still offering a bit of bling.

The Costs Of Developing Easter Eggs

Who knew there was a "cost" to developing Easter eggs in video games?

Easter eggs like this provide ways for developers to communicate with their players. By including references to pop culture, jokes, hidden pictures of the development team or secret weapons and items, the bonuses allow developers to break the fourth wall and wink at whomever is holding the controller.

Tech FAIL of the Day

You're doing it wrong.

Jonsbo UMX4 Computer Case

The fellas over at techPowerUP had a lot of nice things to say about the Jonsbo UMX4 computer case they just reviewed. While I don't have any firsthand experience with the UMX4, it sure is a nice looking chassis.

The UMX4 utilizes thick aluminum and glass (in case you opt for the windowed version) and is available in anodized black or silver. Jonsbo aims the chassis at those who put design and construction quality on the very top of their list. We are reviewing the Jonbso UMX4 in silver and with the window today.

Movie Director Steals Clam Chowder to Avenge Illegal Downloads

I know, I know, shoplifting is wrong but you have to admit, this story is hilarious! It's kinda sad that he didn't actually get away with it though.
An Emmy-award winning director who discovered that one of his movies had been downloaded from torrent sites and handed out among store employees has gotten his revenge. Casey Tebo went to the store in question and started stealing ingredients to make a clam chowder. Unlike most pirates, however, he got caught.

Google Pixel XL Vs. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Our good friends over at HotHardware have pit the Google Pixel XL against the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in a battle to the death. Just kidding, despite this being a "hot hardware" review, none of the phones in this review exploded or caught on fire.

As a perennial Samsung Galaxy S series user, I decided it was high time, beyond just the sterile confines of a product review, to live with Google’s latest Android purist device for an extended period of time. I’ve spent quality time with Nexus devices in the past, but the Google Pixel XL, with its 5.5-inch AMOLED display, felt like a possible successor as a daily driver for me. So, here are my high level take-aways of a Galaxy S7 Edge to Pixel XL migration, from hardware to software, and creature comforts. 

Are Your Ready For PAX South?

PAX South 2017 is coming! PAX South 2017 is coming! The convention will be held in San Antonio, Texas on Jan 27th through the 29th.

Phanteks Eclipse P400 Tempered Glass Chassis Review

FunkyKit just posted a review of the Phanteks Eclipse P400 Tempered Glass chassis this morning. Today seems to be the day for tempered glass case reviews, doesn't it?

Today we will be covering a case brought to us by Phanteks. The Eclipse Series P400 is a compact mid-tower that has space for all your hardware needs. The interior chassis design seems to pretty similar to Enthoo Series. The case sports a full metal exterior and comes in a windowed versions. Some other features include the RGB lighting system with color control for external ambient and the option to attach extra interior RGB lighting strips that are sold separately for around $20USD.

Fnatic Gear Clutch G1 Mouse Review

If you like your mice to be of the corded variety, this review of the Fnatic Gear Clutch G1 mouse over at LanOC should be right up your alley.

So have you ever heard of Func? What about Fnatic? Func was a mousepad manufacturer that later went on to make a few nice peripherals. Fnatic, on the other hand, is one of if not the biggest brand in eSports. Well about a year and a half ago Func closed its doors and Fnatic picked them up. Given all of the branded products that the eSports teams work with others on it wasn’t a huge shock to see one of them go into the market themselves. Fatal1ty did it solo and at this point, the Fnatic brand is a lot bigger, especially to the younger eSports fan. So a while back (frankly far too long ago, I'm just now catching up) Fnatic sent over their Clutch G1 for me to check out. I’ve spent some time with the Clutch G1 and now I can finally sit down and talk a little about its performance.  

Werewolf: The Apocalypse Game Plans

Head on over to Blue's News this morning to get the complete rundown on the game plan for Werewolf: The Apocalypse.

Paris-based video game publisher Focus Home Interactive is pleased to announce its partnership with White Wolf Publishing, license owner of the famous World of Darkness universe (Vampire The Masquerade, Werewolf, Mage Ascension). The World of Darkness is a gritty vision of our own time. The world's most devious conspiracies are true. The divide between the rich and the poor is huge and corruption is rife. In the shadows of our declining societies, humans fall victim to supernatural horrors, all struggling for control. 

AMD FX-9590 Eight-Core Processor Review

Legit Review have the AMD FX-9590 eight-core processor in-house today for a little benchmark action. How well does it stack up against today's newer processors? Hit the link to find out.

AMD’s flagship FX Series processor is the FX-9590 Eight-Core CPU that came out during the summer of 2013. This processor was a beast when it came out as it had 8-cores along with a 220W TDP rating, a 4.7 GHz base clock and a turbo clock of 5.0 GHz. The bad news is that they were extremely hard to get at the time due to only a handful of processors being able successfully hit those speeds not to mention only a handful of AMD 990FX boards supported a 220W TDP processor and you needed water cooling.

The Amazon Bursts Into Life in VR at Sundance Festival

The storytelling pioneers behind Giant — a first-of-its-kind VR narrative that blew away audiences at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival — are heading back to the festival’s New Frontier program with another remarkable production. Giant let viewers experience what it’s like to be trapped in a war zone — and its interactive elements left audiences stunned. With the debut of Tree on Jan. 20 at the storied festival, held each year in Park City, Utah, Winslow Turner Porter III and Milica Zec have used Pascal-based Quadro GPUs to reveal in an unforgettable and unprecedented way the atrocities that mankind brings upon Mother Nature and her non-human inhabitants. It’s the second installment in a VR/AR trilogy that examines our collective life on this planet. 

“Experiences impact attitudes in a powerful way. The more real the experience, the more likely we are to influence the audience to act,” says Porter. “We used NVIDIA Quadro professional GPUs to achieve the highest level of visual fidelity with near-zero latency for the most immersive and believable experience.”

Xbox One S Giveaway!

For the week of January 20th through the 27th, we are giving away a 500GB Xbox One S console. It's easy to enter so hit the link and get in it to win it!

Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass Edition Review

If you are on the hunt for a high quality chassis for your next PC build, or you are just replacing a tired old case, the crew at NikKTech say the Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass Edition is a solid choice.

SECC steel (Electro galvanized, Cold-rolled), aluminum and plastic have been the three primary materials used in the manufacture of PC cases since as far back as i can remember (actually in the old days there was just steel and plastic). Tempered glass however is now also used by quite a few popular (and some not so much) names in the industry with impressive results. As a matter of fact 2016 was the "golden year" for tempered glass based PC cases and although many people are still skeptical about the endurance of tempered glass the majority of the market seems to have welcomed them with open arms. Phanteks is far from the oldest manufacturer in the market today but thanks to the quality, performance, features and design of their products they've managed to come very far. Today we'll be taking a look at their latest Enthoo Luxe Tempered Glass Edition Full Tower.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Uber To Pay $20M For Recruiting Drivers Using Exaggerated Earnings Claims

I think the Federal Trade Commission is being pretty nice by calling this "exaggerating." Claiming drivers in New York have an annual median income of $90k versus the actual salary of $60k is exaggerating? Damn, I'd hate to see what qualifies as a lie.
The FTC alleges that Uber claimed on its website that uberX drivers’ annual median income was more than $90,000 in New York and over $74,000 in San Francisco. The FTC alleges, however, that drivers’ annual median income was actually $61,000 in New York and $53,000 in San Francisco.  In all, less than 10 percent of all drivers in those cities earned the yearly income Uber touted. The FTC also alleges that Uber made high hourly earnings claims in job listings, including on Craigslist, but that the typical Uber driver failed to earn those advertised hourly amounts in various cities.

Samsung 960 Evo 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD Review

Bust out your favorite translator and head on over to OCInside for their review of the Samsung 960 Evo 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD.

After the test of the Samsung 960 Pro SSD we test today on the significantly cheaper Samsung 960 Evo SSD. The Samsung 960 Evo 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD is, in contrast to the Samsung 960 Pro, not equipped with 2-bit MLC, but only with 3-bit MLC, so-called TLC NAND. We are testing with a 32Gb / s Ultra M.2 slot to see if the Samsung 960 Evo is still incredibly fast and how it can beat the Samsung 960 Pro, as well as other current M.2, PCIe and SATA SSDs. There is a special feature that one should know before purchasing the Samsung SSD 960 Evo.

RESIDENT EVIL 7 Biohazard Confirmed For Xbox Play Anywhere

Phil Spencer announced today via Twitter that RESIDENT EVIL 7 Biohazard is confirmed for Xbox Play Anywhere. If you buy it for the PC you get a code for the Xbox One version and vice versa. Sweet.

Intel: Technology Will Transform the Shopping Experience

Intel’s Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud technologies touch every link of the retail supply chain. IoT sensors capture data that can be analyzed.  Data centers crunch the information and give it real-world usefulness. For example, our technologies can see what items are not in their correct location and the up-to-the-minute store inventory, including what’s in the back room. They can even tell what items go in to changing rooms, but never make it to the cash register.

To help transform how people shop and how shops can better serve them, Intel today is introducing the Intel® Responsive Retail Platform (Intel® RRP). It will deliver a deep understanding of how stores and people interact. And, over the next five years, Intel plans to invest $100 million in the retail industry with this new platform. The investment will enable retailers to unify every part of their operations, create a positive impact on their bottom line, and solve longstanding business challenges.


This has to be some kind of trick because everyone knows that robots are going to KILL US ALL!

Roche et al. created a soft robotic device with material properties similar to those of native heart tissue that sits snugly around the heart and provides ventricular assistance without ever contacting blood. The robotic sleeve uses compressed air to power artificial silicone muscles that compress and twist, mimicking the movements of the normal human heart. The authors show that the artificial muscles could be selectively activated to twist, compress, or simultaneously perform both actions on one side or both sides of the heart. The device increased cardiac ejection volume in vitro and when implanted in adult pigs during drug-induced cardiac arrest.

Building Your Own Classic Game Console With Raspberry Pi

Those of you that have been trying unsuccessfully to get your hands on one of Nintendo's new NES Classic consoles might want to give this article the once over. Not only can you do it yourself, you can play a lot more games for roughly $60.

SilverStone TS231U-C Two-Bay USB-C DAS Review

TweakTown has SilverStone's TS231U-C Two-Bay USB-C DAS on the test bench today for a little review action.

So, the TS231U-C, like I briefly mentioned above, is a refresh of the Teratrend TS231U that I reviewed in 2013. This solution shares a rather similar enclosure but does include true USB 3.1 Gen 2 support via its ASMedia 1352R chipset, allowing for top-tier performance in a two-bay DAS. RAID modes include JBOD, RAID 0, and RAID 1 with operating system support for Windows 7+ and MacOS 10.5+. 

Tech FAIL of the Day

I don't care what you say, an Oculus Rift headset + a gas mask + porn = tech FAIL.

Overwatch Event and PTR Plans

Our friends at Blue's News have done a great job rounding up all the relevant info on the Overwatch Event and PTR Plans.

An Overwatch tweet wishes everyone good luck and great fortune as it promotes a Year of the Rooster event coming next week to Blizzard's shooter. The Chinese new year begins on January 28th, but their in-game celebration begins on the 24th. The tweet includes a brief video showing off a Mei skin that will be part of all this. They have a retweet from Overwatch Korea showing a new D.Va skin. 

'Die Hard' Director Making Commercials For Ubisoft

Who knew John McTiernan was making video game commercials now? I sure didn't. I've embedded the live-action video below so you can watch it for yourself:

McTiernan's involvement in "The Red Dot" hasn't been widely publicized (or even particularly acknowledged), which is a shame, especially considering it's his first filmed project in a whopping 14 years. (His last movie was the rainy Rashomon-on-a-military base thriller Basic.) McTiernan's inauspicious reemergence leads to a couple of bigger questions: Where, exactly, has he been? And what makes this ad so special?

Tesla Avoids Recall After Autopilot Crash Death

If I've said it once, I've said it a million times, Tesla should just change the name of its Autopilot feature to avoid future lawsuits or more NHTSA investigations.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration closed its investigation after it found no evidence of a defect in the vehicle. Joshua Brown was killed when his car collided with a lorry while operating in Autopilot mode. Tesla has stated Autopilot is only designed to assist drivers, who must keep their hands on the wheel. The feature is intended to be used on the motorway, where is lets cars automatically change lanes and react to traffic.

Facebook’s Zuckerberg Sues To Force Land Sales

You gotta give it to Mark Zuckerberg, the guy sure knows how to piss off his neighbors and the locals wherever he lives.

When Facebook’s co-founder Mark Zuckerberg paid around $100 million for 700 acres of rural beachfront land on Kauai two years ago to create what Forbes magazine described as a secluded family sanctuary, he actually acquired a not-so-secluded property. Close to a dozen small parcels within Zuckerberg’s Kauai estate are owned by kamaaina families who have rights to traverse the billionaire’s otherwise private domain.

AI Software Learns To Make AI Software

I'm telling you guys, this is exactly how Skynet was created.

In one experiment, researchers at the Google Brain artificial intelligence research group had software design a machine-learning system to take a test used to benchmark software that processes language. What it came up with surpassed previously published results from software designed by humans.